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Mr. Jukka Kautto (6 – 8 November 2008) November 14, 2008

Posted by Mentari Sanur Hotel in Mail.

Of course I remember you. How could I forget such a beatiful woman 🙂

My flight was fine but I got back home very tired…tired but very happy 🙂
Otherwise everything is fine with me in here. The weather isn�t that nice.
It is very gray and depressing. About +5 degrees and its raining almost all
the time. I wish I was still in Bali 🙂

I think that your hotel was perfect for me. The service was excellent and
the staff was polite and happy all the time 🙂 For a customer such a
positive additude is always a good thing.
I dont�t have anything negative to say about the hotel 🙂

By the way when I got back to Finland I talked with one of my friends. They
had been in Mentari Sanur Hotel one week before I got there 😀 I didn�t know
that. That was a nice co-incidence. They also liked the hotel a lot. My
friend was called Tuomas V�kel� and his girlfriend was Maaria.


ps. Say hi from me to the girls in the hotel restaurant and to the guys who
worked as pool boys and gardeners 🙂



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