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Our Repeater Guest ( Mr. John Lover) November 28, 2008

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Mrs. Kus Neville ( Room 107) November 24, 2008

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Thank you for your staying with us. November 21, 2008

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Mr. Jukka Kautto (6 – 8 November 2008) November 14, 2008

Posted by Mentari Sanur Hotel in Mail.
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Of course I remember you. How could I forget such a beatiful woman 🙂

My flight was fine but I got back home very tired…tired but very happy 🙂
Otherwise everything is fine with me in here. The weather isn�t that nice.
It is very gray and depressing. About +5 degrees and its raining almost all
the time. I wish I was still in Bali 🙂

I think that your hotel was perfect for me. The service was excellent and
the staff was polite and happy all the time 🙂 For a customer such a
positive additude is always a good thing.
I dont�t have anything negative to say about the hotel 🙂

By the way when I got back to Finland I talked with one of my friends. They
had been in Mentari Sanur Hotel one week before I got there 😀 I didn�t know
that. That was a nice co-incidence. They also liked the hotel a lot. My
friend was called Tuomas V�kel� and his girlfriend was Maaria.


ps. Say hi from me to the girls in the hotel restaurant and to the guys who
worked as pool boys and gardeners 🙂

Thank you for sharing Mr. Jostein hoping to see you again November 5, 2008

Posted by Mentari Sanur Hotel in Guest's Review.
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Hello Putu!

I am fine. My flight back was very long with two times 6 hours wait in
Bangkok and Denmark. From Mentari to my home was 33 hours.
But all went well!

About Mentari.
I liked the place and the friendly environment. From the lobby to the
restaurant and garden, all staff members made my stay easy and comfortable.

About my room:
The small ants that I reported to you the first day – I got used to
them. They also invaded my bed in small quantities. But I learned to
love them all. 😉
In my trips to other places, I saw much bigger ants, I preferred MINE!
In the shower, the water did not go quickly away, but I did not suffer
from this fact.
The air condition worked flawlessly and was the best feature of my room.
I gradually went from 19 to 26 degrees.
I really loved the pool and its well kept standard.

But what was the best thing for me, was the garden!

While the days passed, I slowly understood how much work went into the
garden. And I noticed the beautiful result. I am rather old and when you
have been around for some time, you really appreciate QUALITY, which I
think the garden team provides. I hope the gardener and his assistants
get appraisal for their work.
I used the restaurant many times and this was due to some very good
experiences with the kitchen. I talked some times with the waitress
Dayu, about Geckos and other important things, and meanwhile the cook in
the kitchen made some wonderful balinese food from the menu. She was
good, I do not remember her name! And also the cook from Lambogan, gave
me a very good meal.

I would also say that the work of the room-service teams was perfect in
my opinion. And I used the mini bar quite much, so that must have been OK!
Finally I will add that it was a pleasure to go through the lobby each
day. Beautiful, smiling ladies with humor and energy. Who can ask for more?

Warm greetings from Norway. I would recommend Mentari Sanur!